Jubilees Everywhere

Now in multiple locations and additional dates!

ZekeMaxSunrise3Initially starting out in Dewey Beach, DE in 2013, the Golden Jubilee event is expanding to new locations.

100+ goldens and their families have been gathering at the Dewey’s Golden Jubilees, making it a great get-away weekend or week-long vacation.  Now, the idea has caught on with new Jubilees are starting in new locations.

The first New England Golden Jubilee was in 2015, and will be held again this year on May 21, 2016! We’d love to see them all over!

This page will help share that information as new venues arise. So if you’re interested in putting together a Golden Jubilee “in your neck of the woods” , please contact us and we’ll be happy to share the info here!  Check back for updates!

 Name  City  State  Date(s)  Link
Dewey’s Golden
Dewey Beach  DE 1st weekend in Oct www.deweygoldenjubilee.
Dewey’s Spring Golden Jubilee Dewey Beach  DE 2nd weekend in May  www.deweygoldenjubilee.
 New England’s Golden Jubilee Dog Mountain  VT  3rd weekend in May  New England Golden Jubilee



Below is a test area.. it is being created to share Golden Retriever Jubilee events all over the USA. Starting out as Dewey’s Golden Jubilee, we realized the need for MORE events like this! We wanted to have a site where folks can share their Golden Gathering on line.

Click here to ADD  your local Jubilee . . .

Click here to FIND a local Jubilee . . .

Until we build our base, help get the word out, start your own Golden Jubilee and let us know all about it. You can even do you own GoldenJubilee-Location.wordpress.com and send us the link. We’ll get it posted for all to see.

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